Equestrian Looks for Less

Free Ride Riding Tights // Quilted Seater from Amazon// UltraLite Top from Old Navy

The Fall competition season is here, which means my budget is stretched already, so updating my wardrobe is the lowest priority. But, that doesn’t mean we have to do without! I’ve pulled some of my favorite looks for less. I love finding off-brand athletic wear and have a few brands whose quality impresses that of double the cost.

BREECHES // I love a pair of designer breeches, but that doesn’t mean I have to wear them every day. I’ve pulled some of the top sellers under $100 that make a great schooling pant and look fairly trendy too! The Equine Couture Breeches were my go-to as a working-student, and I have a pair of white breeches for cross-country. The material always washes clean.

RIDING TOPS // I love finding “off” brand riding apparel or athletic tops that work for riders! I’ve only pulled tops I wear myself. The Amazon Lulu Dupe is my favorite! (The photos don’t do justice. I own in several colors.)

RIDING JACKETS // If you’re looking for an easy pullover or light jacket check out the few I’ve pulled below! I love my Amazon Lulu Dupe jacket. I really want it in another color!

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