Mental Health Awareness – Moodshare, Virtual Group Therapy

As vividy discussed throughout the life of my blog, I’ve discussed my own mental health journey and aim to remove any stigma or awkwardness of discussing the topic. Can we get bonus points for going to therapy?! As much emphasis as we put on the shapes of our thighs, the tightness of our glutes, and toned abs, why not also seek out to finesse our greatest asset, our brains!? This might sound a little funny, or an exaggeration, but over the past four years as I’ve researched the benefits of therapy and mental health, I wholeheartedly believe that having a professional therapist is as pertinent as a physical trainer for the rest of our bodies.

That being said, personally, I have found the financial restrictions of attending therapy enough to inhibit my own attendance. However, when the brand below contacted me, I felt an instant wave of relief. They have created an avenue to attend therapy at a low cost, without leaving your sofa.

Moodshare offers live group therapy sessions via an IOS App! Let me break it down.

Step. 1 Download “Moodshare” App off App store for FREE.

Step 2 . After filling out a short questionnaire, book a FREE 15-minute intro session with a LICENSED therapist.

Step 3. After your FREE intro session, your therapist will designate you to a specific group of 4-5 individual for a weekly Group Therapy Session. Each therapy session is $30 USD, but you can opt in or out without a subscription! (BTW your first Group Therapy Session is free too! Use code “Claire” )

Step 4. Attend your group therapy with your Licenced Therapist from the comfort of your home, in your comfy clothes, through your phone!

It’s so easy to take part, and my followers ACTUALLY have an access code for a free first session. Just use code, “Claire.” For right now, this service is restricted to Georgia residents.

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