Summer Fly Season // Fly Sheet Picks

In the south combatting the sun and bugs are a major obstacle for most horse owners. My thin-skinned thoroughbred is a particularly difficult case. She has no patience for flies so I have to jump on my fly-protection early in the season.

I‘ve listed my favorite fly-sheets below. It is definitely a difficult battle and can differ based on where you live. Because I reside in Georgia, I am battling the heat and the flies. So, I am looking for a light-weight sheet, that can withstand some wear, and has maximum protection against the bugs. It also needs to have ample room for motion to fit my horse, so I look for shoulder panels. Lastly, I do have to live within a budget so try to balance quality with what I can afford. After a few seasons as a working student and first-hand engagement with several different brands, I have a few favorites. My urge for horse-owners who live in the Deep South is to find a protective sheet that also has plenty of ventilation and does not retain heat. It’s not fair for our poor ponies to stand outside sweating because we chose the “prettier” fly sheet. I would argue that in northern regions where the temperatures are fairly cooler these fly sheets may be the better choice but not fit for upper 90-degree weather.

As you scroll down, understand these are only my personal preferences. Each blanket is also associated with affiliate links.

What I own // Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Essential Mesh II Combo Fly Sheet // This is the sheet my horse wears, and I believe it is the best quality on the market under $100. It’s very light-weight, has shoulder panels, and it includes a neck cover. It’s not overly durable, but I have made mine last a few seasons now. It also has front buckle closures rather than the metal clips. (Scroll below for Frye’s fly mask and boots)

BEST SHEET ON THE MARKET // Horseware Rambo Protector // These sheets are definitely the most durable on the market and provide ample ventilation for the hottest months. The sheet I linked is right about $150. I don’t recall any of the horses ever tearing this sheet, and it has the best buckles! (As a working student, I wished every horse-owner would buy the Rambo’s because the buckles are so much more convenient to put on and off!)

Best Sheet for the Northern States // Kool Coat // I’ve seen this sheet many times, and it is an excellent price point under $100 and provides great protection against the bugs. But, it does hold a bit more heat than the others, so be wary in 80/90-degree weather. The horses often can come in sweaty from these sheets . I don’t want to dissuade anyone from purchasing if you live in cooler regions, but be very cautious as to when your horses come in over-heated.

BEST DEAL // Horseware Ireland Amigo Mio Combo Fly Sheet // This sheet which includes a neck attachment is a great purchase for the money at just under $75. This sheet is very similar to the one I have if not having slightly more coverage. But, it does lack the shoulder panels that the upgraded models have.

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