Team-Building, Strategy, and Branding with a Purpose w/ Pure Form Equine

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Does that say 7:25AM!?

A few weeks ago I made a trek across the country, well trek as in I sat on two planes to get to Rochester, Minnesota! Why Rochester, Minnesota? To collaborate, team-build, and develop strategy for the future of a brand that I’ve been working with over two years now!

I began working with Pure Form Equine, the creator of Chock Full A Chia in the summer of 2017 when my horse started on one their varieties of Chia Biscuits, the Sea Biscuit to combat her chronic hives. (The stuff worked miracles, and the rest is history.) Mary Hartman, the lead CEO, head of R&D, and super-woman must write a book or lead some kind of Entrepreneurial seminar for aspiring business women, because she is just the most incredibly brave person I know. I’m always encouraged by her tenacity and boldness to jump in this daunting market of equine nutrition, and again awe-struck by her encyclopedia of knowledge on the product she submits to the market.

Round-table discussions with the team!

This weekend, a group of horse-lovers retreated to her home where we spent two-days discussing strategy and the future of the brand. It is amazing the group of women (and men) in this group who each have amazing talents in so many areas. It was almost like this entire group was ordained by some higher-power because we initially only came together because of our love of the horses and this product. Here we were, marketing professionals, a social media guru, an equine-science major, the production team, an accountant, and Mary with the long-term goals and extensive knowledge of the product, sitting at a round-table and outlining the future of exciting new projects and the brand as we knew it! Oh, and I can’t forget Paul, Mary’s husband, who kept us full of snacks!

While I came away with so much more knowledge about the products my horses consume, I also gained so much more from this quick 24-hour trip across the country.

I wish every young-rider had a Mary and a Pure Form Equine. It is not just the free-product, but the communication and team-building skills, strategic-management, and “team” of people that I have gained in my circle which almost surpass the free-product. I can’t discount that my mare, my best-mate, was on weekly steroid shots, and now she’s not…. Ok, so it has been a fairly win-win situation on my part.

But, having a brand like Pure Form Equine support and believe in my own passions, has also brought about more responsibility and awareness of what I have to provide a “sponsor” or “teammate” in return. As a “professional” rider I can coast through with a semi-large niche social-media following, paste a few banners on my stalls, and I could get a few free-bottles of coat-detangler and some shirts. But, by engrossing myself in providing a service and involving myself back in the brand, I’ve developed an amazing partnership and friendship with the people behind the face of the logo that will stay with me forever.

So ready to share about this!

Sappy thoughts aside of how much the brand and team means to me, I think there is a takeaway for other aspiring riders. There is so much that goes behind the scenes of my own-social media “shares.” I think if, as a rider, you are aspiring to obtain “sponsors,” dive past the surface-level interaction with brands and the people who create them, because you can develop these long-term partnerships that carry you past a month-long supply of “horse shampoo.”

I’m so grateful for the team I’ve wedged myself in who’ve been patient through my own-growth, and hopefully patient still as I work to provide just as much of a return and service to them as they’ve provided me.

If you are interested in learning more about Pure Form Equine, check out their website PureFormEquine.Com They are also on Instagram at PureFormEquine. We will all be at the Land-Rover Kentucky 3-Day Event in April so come find us then! We will all be posting our whereabout of upcoming events. Plus, I have to keep this a secret because it’s part of the marketing plan. But there is something coming… It’s currently in my feed-room. Stay tuned.

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