HorseGirl SkinCare

So, as any influencer “I get questions all the time about my skincare,” but for the horse-girl out there we spend way more funds and time seeking out the best supplements and products for our course and don’t spend much time on our own skin! I grew up with acne through high-school so have since taken a longer look at the skincare products that I use. I have my key products now that I feel give me the best bang for my buck, keep my skin clear and moisturized, and attempt to reverse some of the sun damage and long nights I’ve seen!


If you splurge a little purchase this! I apply a few drops each night, and my skin tone is so even!! Sun spots/acne scars have disappeared!

TULA cooling & brightening eye balm

Yes, I followed the footsteps of all of the other influencers and purchased the Tula Eye Balm. It’s a caffeine boost for your under-eyes. Perfect for the rider or non-rider!

MARIO BADESCU Glycolic Foaming Cleanser

I have used the Mario Badescu cleansers since high-school. They’re not overly drying

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