Honest Feedback

Today I am thankful for the good friends. Due to my life constantly changing in location and being extremely busy, time to locate a large ‘squad’ of friends to hang out with every Friday night is not a natural occurrence. For this reason, I have a scattered group of friends that I can call in my time of need. Some of them probably have no idea, how much I depend on their friendship. I have certain friends that I only manage to contact about a certain situation. They must think I’m a complete fruitcake because they only know me from these situations, but at the end of the day they always pull through.

Some of them, I haven’t seen since high-school, one is on another continent. There’s one friend who I swear off every few months because that person infuriates me. But, then, just when I’m at my lowest point, this person is there to offer comforting words and the best logical and sound advice.

My favorite friends are the ones that snap me out of thinking illogically and can give me honest feedback.

IMG_0832*edited to add. My second favorite friends are the ones tat send the best SnapChats.

I’ve found that the best friends aren’t always there in the physical since. As I drove up to Maryland I was severely mistaken by this and became so worried that I’d be terribly lonely.

I haven’t been lonely yet. My puppy and this job keep me on my feet and running all day. I crash at night. It’s going to fly by I know, but I’m so excited about where I am right now.

I’m comfortable. Because I know I do have dear friends and confidants. They may not be all right here, but they’re there.


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