The Hypocrisy of It All


This blog started out because I love writing, and I thought it would be neat to share about things I was doing and things I’ve learned.  There really wasn’t a ton of pressure other than trying to appease my mother with correct grammar and not sounding too sad.

Other than that, I was pretty to gain a few viewers and someone to comment, Oh I thought about that too. But quickly, ok how quickly does over the progression of 2015 to today sound it runs into a numbers game.  I quickly check my stats after a blog is posted to see how many viewers looked at it.  I am no social media guru or making any money selling Healthy-Teas, nor do I have any friends with an expensive camera willing to take photos of me in cute outfits that I don’t own.  So who do I think this blog can be anyways right? Sure, my content is a little different than the blogs that post cute outfits you can’t afford or crystal clear images of extravagant home cooked meals.  But it takes over a little bit, just the thought that what if I could write well enough to gain a large enough audience who are intrigued by tons of rattling words that I could make a few bucks off it.  Not that adding a few ads in itself is bad, and I love the sponsor that I have now, but there’s always more that I need.

Why? Insecurity, pride, elitism. The exact things most of my blogs try to encourage others to overcome.  It’s the exact thing that I deal with everyday.