Why did I write a Travel Guide to Miami Beach?! So, about a month prior to our vacation I began looking up nearby beaches and spots to celebrate my 30th birthday! (I mean really?!) Miami Beach wasn’t initially at the top of my list, but after seeing affordable flights, reading other travel guides to MIAMI, why not go!? I mean a weekend in Miami couldn’t … Continue reading TRAVEL GUIDE: MIAMI BEACH

Vail // Itinerary & What to Know by a Ski-Newbie

When Mom gave me the go-ahead to plan our Thanksgiving Break vacation we knew we wanted to go skiing, after looking at flights, conveniency, and things to do for all of us, I booked our flights to Denver and started planning and curate a Vail Travel Guide for you! I ended up booking our flights to end up in Vail through the Hopper app, but … Continue reading Vail // Itinerary & What to Know by a Ski-Newbie

Favorite Sunnies under $30 (Do you know which brand I’m about to share!?)

Designer sunglasses are a no-go for me. They will be left in my grooming bag, fall in between my seats, get lost in the bottom of my tack trunk… But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look like I’m wearing designer sunglasses. When in Austin a few months ago, i snagged a pair from Free People for $25! After they were stepped on (of … Continue reading Favorite Sunnies under $30 (Do you know which brand I’m about to share!?)

Vegas : Keep to the Itinerary

IMG_4381This is the very first post of what I hope will be a fun new addition to the blog of travel itineraries. I am by no means a world traveler, but I have added a few Delta sky miles to my account this year so am writing a Vegas Itinerary.  For my first travel post, I’d like to share some of the adventures and sights from a recent trip to Viva Las Vegas! Hurrah! The trip was for a wedding that I was participating in; much of the sight-seeing was squeezed inbetween the wedding festivities.  Fortunately, I had made prior restaurant reservations the weeks before using OpenTable and used a GoogleDocs spreadsheet to plan a rough itinerary for the four days we were in the city. Continue reading “Vegas : Keep to the Itinerary”