Facing Jolene.

“And I can easily understandHow you could easily take my man” – Dolly Parton If irony every wanted to rub salt in a sore wound it found a way today. I have been sitting on the runway of my return flight from Houston to Atlanta for the past two-hours after a further hour delay before boarding this death tube.. I have terrible anxiety during flights.. … Continue reading Facing Jolene.

Canker Sore Level Stress

I haven’t written along the lines of my lucid (from too much sweet tea) thoughts in a few months. I have been really caught up with the growth of the blog and social platforms (which is the short-version of “all the apps open on my phone at a time”). This has not only placed a bit more change in my pocket, but also opened doors … Continue reading Canker Sore Level Stress

Resonating on the Photos of Twenty-Seven

One of my very favorite things to do, whether unhealthy or not, is to resonate on memories. I have a knack for getting hooked on angry-girl music or obscure alternative rock bands for weeks at a time Today, I came across an old artist that took up a month of my life, and I couldn’t but revel in all the images during each bitter lyric. … Continue reading Resonating on the Photos of Twenty-Seven

Vegas : Keep to the Itinerary

IMG_4381This is the very first post of what I hope will be a fun new addition to the blog of travel itineraries. I am by no means a world traveler, but I have added a few Delta sky miles to my account this year so am writing a Vegas Itinerary.  For my first travel post, I’d like to share some of the adventures and sights from a recent trip to Viva Las Vegas! Hurrah! The trip was for a wedding that I was participating in; much of the sight-seeing was squeezed inbetween the wedding festivities.  Fortunately, I had made prior restaurant reservations the weeks before using OpenTable and used a GoogleDocs spreadsheet to plan a rough itinerary for the four days we were in the city. Continue reading “Vegas : Keep to the Itinerary”