Resonating on the Photos of Twenty-Seven

One of my very favorite things to do, whether unhealthy or not, is to resonate on memories. I have a knack for getting hooked on angry-girl music or obscure alternative rock bands for weeks at a time Today, I came across an old artist that took up a month of my life, and I couldn't [...]


Target: Labor Day Sale

Check out a few Labor Day finds from Target! Target is running a 30% off all of their athleisure! Click on the image titles to check out product! C9 Athleisure Top w/ Tie // Original Price $16.99// Sale Price $13.49 Spacedye Heather Sneakers // Original Price $34.99// Sale Price $24.99// I own these, and they [...]

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Under $50 Finds

There is something about the adrenaline of shopping and finding a good deal. As an affiliate with Nordstrom, I thought I would put this shopping habit to good use and share my favorite finds! I have been eagerly awaiting the Nordstrom Anniversary sale which is a Pre-Fall sale where Nordstrom offers its new Fall line [...]

Carter + Main : Peel & Stick Wallpaper!

Carter + Main - Shop Now So, so obsessed with this trend especially as I am right now designing my first place! The styles range from floral to abstract and I adore this signature wall trend! Carter + Main is a new brand of peel and stick wallpaper that is designed to give you an [...]

If you don’t like rush hour, try finding rest at the barn.

So, I cannot tell you if it is the Sertralin in my system or the dopamine boost from jumping two horses today, but tonight as I was about to go to sleep I started thinking about the orchestration of every moment of my still young and very unimportant life, and if any small portion that [...]

Getting help sometimes

Within this time of planning my move (currently in progress), my work schedule became a bit more busy, I ended a healthy but plateau'ed relationship, and slowly the shackles of depression and anxiety crept back into my day-to-day schedule. It seems to do that when my plate gets shifted. I've also always been fairly emotional. [...]

I put the verb in ‘Parent Trap’

When I was in elementary school, so early two-thousands, I remember inwardly deciding that even though I lived in a split home, I would not act out on this like my peers who were witnessing the same events in their families. And my family split when I was fairly young. I had already started school [...]