Do Base Hits Still Win Ballgames?

I dated a boy in college, and he’d always tell me that: “Base Hits Win Ballgames.” Probably because I never let him score, and he stuck around first base. He’d say he was in it for the long run, I guess to win me over someday with a rock and red kitchen, and I guess we were pretty successful for a few years.

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Self-Love and all that’s Sweet and Soft

I really want to write something pretty. After a somewhat poignant piece posted just this week that received some flack from a worrying mother, I wanted to write something a little sweeter. I’m up, and I really thought it must only be about seven thirty but its already nine forty-five so that sums up that I would want to write something when I’m supposed to … Continue reading Self-Love and all that’s Sweet and Soft

Pink Robes and Zoloft

Let’s try this again. Sometimes I’ll write a whole post just to scrap it. I should outline first, and then write.  But, I really like writing as if I’m in a conversation that’s unedited and authentic. So here I am again. I am convinced life is just like a calendar or racetrack that just makes the same rotation of situations continually. The naïveté of my early … Continue reading Pink Robes and Zoloft

Pursuing Alaska

“..And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14   This is one of the few evenings I have that’s quiet, and I can put off homework for tomorrow. I’ve had so many little opportunities to write, but every thought has come out so disoriented. But, I really feel like I need to write … Continue reading Pursuing Alaska

C-Square was the True American

I was chatting with a college friend today, and they mentioned that I was saved as C-Square in their phone. It made me gloriously proud as I reflected on my extra pretentious and live-life-on-the-edge under-graduate days that I’m sure were not nearly as exciting as I’m currently reflecting on. Is that how it is when you visit your alma mater? I literally moved away just … Continue reading C-Square was the True American

Core Strength and Faith, the Struggle.

So, in my discipline of choice there is a stark contrast in two types of riders. There are those that end up using a lot of gadgets, man-handle their horses, and say things like, “I guess it’s time for a stronger bit” more than a few times. Then there are those that can take just the same type of horse and flawlessly execute a balanced and rhythmic round over fences with a soft arm.

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I found my safe haven at ten.

So I come up with things to write about when I’m driving.  Usually I’m overwhelmed with some kind of emotion, and I just can’t wait to write.  This time, I actually came up with what I wanted to write about two days ago and am now writing a bit cold.  I’ll try to get through it and remember what I wanted to write on. So, … Continue reading I found my safe haven at ten.

Holding on to Old Sweaters

I’m so tired.  A little frustrated.  The two courses I’m taking this semester appear tough, and I didn’t do well on the first week’s quiz.  Sixty-five questions, eighty minutes, solving long word-problems.  I didn’t even come close to completing all the questions. Do girls get a pass on emotional days.  It’s a catch-22. If I say something irrational if I still feel the same way … Continue reading Holding on to Old Sweaters