Canker Sore Level Stress

I haven't written along the lines of my lucid (from too much sweet tea) thoughts in a few months. I have been really caught up with the growth of the blog and social platforms (which is the short-version of "all the apps open on my phone at a time"). This has not only placed a [...]

Resonating on the Photos of Twenty-Seven

One of my very favorite things to do, whether unhealthy or not, is to resonate on memories. I have a knack for getting hooked on angry-girl music or obscure alternative rock bands for weeks at a time Today, I came across an old artist that took up a month of my life, and I couldn't [...]

If you don’t like rush hour, try finding rest at the barn.

So, I cannot tell you if it is the Sertralin in my system or the dopamine boost from jumping two horses today, but tonight as I was about to go to sleep I started thinking about the orchestration of every moment of my still young and very unimportant life, and if any small portion that [...]

Getting help sometimes

Within this time of planning my move (currently in progress), my work schedule became a bit more busy, I ended a healthy but plateau'ed relationship, and slowly the shackles of depression and anxiety crept back into my day-to-day schedule. It seems to do that when my plate gets shifted. I've also always been fairly emotional. [...]

I put the verb in ‘Parent Trap’

When I was in elementary school, so early two-thousands, I remember inwardly deciding that even though I lived in a split home, I would not act out on this like my peers who were witnessing the same events in their families. And my family split when I was fairly young. I had already started school [...]

Which Real World Am I living in?

I wrote this draft a year ago. I felt it fitting. Even more now, as I'm opening up my packed schedule to teach a few sporadic lessons again and trying to figure how to achieve my next riding goals.. "I know I have family members that may still follow the click-bait and read a few [...]

Losing Furniture and Choosing the Wrong Car Insurance.

This is dedicated to my sweet vegetable friend. "Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful." Hebrews 10: 22 In the bubble of my mid-twenties culture, with friends in-and-out of relationships, starting new jobs, and trying to choose the right insurance carriers, I am beginning to become a [...]

So Long, to tricking the system.

I've write about insecurity about 75% of the time my fingers tap on my keyboard.  It's been an ongoing struggle, and while maybe the object of my insecurity has evolved, it always stems from some need of self-validation. I trick myself too, into thinking I'm over it. So Christmas 2015 my mother wrapped up this [...]

I Feel Pretty, the original poster-child for the 2018 acclaimed film on insecurity.

I haven't put words on this side of the blog in some time. I didn't feel like I had a lot to write about. Then, and I guess now, I do. Am I the only person that feels inadequate? I am very, very insecure about what I do. I don't want anyone to know how [...]