Saddle Shopping : Prepare Yourself

I want to share some of the things I learned, or wish I had known, while searching for my rockstar horse, Frye’s, jump saddle. PSA: This isn’t a post about which brand you should choose, but how to navigate fitters, friend’s opinions, and of course pick the right saddle! PSA II: The way in which I shop is very obscure. When I purchased my first … Continue reading Saddle Shopping : Prepare Yourself

In My Tack Trunk

In the drawer of my tack trunk I keep the things I use daily for easy access and other small essentials like: All the chia biscuits. I couldn’t leave out my favorite biscuits. (These actually live in the feed room, but I snag extra when I leave for competitions) from PureFormEquine.Com I have a coupon code: CCR5 Continue reading In My Tack Trunk

Competing with a Better Mental Game

Another horse show weekend over, and I have a few more weeks until the next one. I had a very busy January and February doing two horse trials, a jumper show, and quite a bit of schooling with Dancer. I feel like mentally he’s just about ready to move up to the next level, but I am giving him some time for his body to … Continue reading Competing with a Better Mental Game

Riding in College? Feasible? Hustle.

There are usually two major issues the college student who wants to ride may face: time and funding. I’ll share a few useful habits and decisions I made while in school. I could really write a novel on balancing work, horses, and a social life. But, here’s a few habits you can instill.

Continue reading “Riding in College? Feasible? Hustle.”

Coach Shopping

Whether you are moving, changing disciplines, or just outgrowing your current training program finding a new trainer and/or program can be both stressful, expensive, and really impact some of your long-term goals as a rider.  As you begin your own search, I’d like to share some of my own tips and experiences. I’ve changed programs for all of the reasons listed above, and I have been very fortunate to land in some amazing barns and work with incredible people.

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