Middleburg, Virginia: “Shop & Dressage Until You Drop”

For those who have not been on social media for the prior two weeks, I am finally in one of my favorites towns with my two best, make that three best mates counting Huckle! After holding out on PTO, I took the complete week off of work so that I could lesson with one of [...]


Breeches.com (Coupon Code Included!)

Use code EQUINECOUTURE20S for 20% off EC products!!! If there is one brand of breeches that I own more than any other it is Equine Couture, for a few reasons. First, the first time I saw a rider wear them, I thought they were super-expensive with the intricate detail, a European-style fit, and the big [...]

Assessing your less-than stellar ride of the day.

 As a nine-to-fiver, even with a few years of good coaching under my belt, there are some imperfect days.  On those really awful, tear-inspiring moments, when you are aghast that your lovely animal is suddenly not comprehending the task  you are requesting I want to share my own reaction-habits that minimize further dramatic endings. Here [...]