Phoenix Rosehip Anti-Aging Face Oil for Dry Skin: Skincare Tips for Active Women and Equestrians

As a 30-year-old equestrian, I know the importance of taking care of my skin. Riding and being outdoors can be tough on my skin, especially when it’s already dry to begin with. That’s why I love using the Phoenix Rosehip Anti-Aging Face Oil – it’s made specifically for dry skin. The oil is made with natural ingredients like rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, … Continue reading Phoenix Rosehip Anti-Aging Face Oil for Dry Skin: Skincare Tips for Active Women and Equestrians

Michael Todd Beauty (Beauty Tools under $100)

This brand almost slipped under my nose this year. I’ve been using their tools for the past several weeks and failed to share my code and link! From skincare brushes, microdermabrasion, to extractors, the tools are affordable, made even more so with my coupon code! From Vogue to the Daily Mail, Michael Todd Beauty has been featured and received rave reviews. These products would make … Continue reading Michael Todd Beauty (Beauty Tools under $100)

Miami Beach Bum

COUPON CODE: CLAIRE10 for $10 off As a skincare junkie (and an influencer who receives lots of skincare products) friends and family always ask, what products I suggest (and would buy myself)! Miami Beach Bum is my number one recommendation for a brand that uses the best igredients and isn’t so harsh on the wallet. I adore their Facial in a Jar moisturizer and use … Continue reading Miami Beach Bum

Sephora Insider Sale // Beauty Guide

With the Holiday Season coming, it’s perfect timing for the Sephora Insider Sale! This sale will last through the 9th, but I’m going to include all of my favorites which will make perfect stocking stuffers if you’re still shopping! What is the sale? Well Everyone can take 10% off their purchase through the 9th with code HOLIDAYFUN . VIB members can take 15% and Rouge … Continue reading Sephora Insider Sale // Beauty Guide

So I can’t use Horse Shampoo?

So I’ve been routinely requested to share what skincare products, makeup, hair products, etc. I’ve been using on the instagram so I thought I would share a quick glimpse at some of my must-haves. Here’s a glimpse of what goes into to tame my locks! I have color-treated hair that goes through a lot of heat, a lot of hair-ties, and is probably put up … Continue reading So I can’t use Horse Shampoo?

Goli – Apple Cider Vinegar (That Tastes Good!)

Ok, let’s be real. I know every calorie and nutritional fact about my horse’s diet, but I drive home from the barn and grab a coke and fries from the golden arches. So, when Goli wanted to collaborate, I thought why not!? Ok, these are so tasty! And they’re healthy. I just take two to three of these gummies a day, and I get a … Continue reading Goli – Apple Cider Vinegar (That Tastes Good!)

HorseGirl SkinCare

So, as any influencer “I get questions all the time about my skincare,” but for the horse-girl out there we spend way more funds and time seeking out the best supplements and products for our course and don’t spend much time on our own skin! I grew up with acne through high-school so have since taken a longer look at the skincare products that I … Continue reading HorseGirl SkinCare

Treating Myself: Skincare

I have always taken a serious stance on overall skincare. I had severe acne through high-school that influenced my confidence and social life. Even from that time and during trial and error of prescriptions and lasers, I researched all I could on how nutrition and different ingredients targeted the skin in different ways. Certainly no professional, but now as my skin has a completely different composition than it did ten years ago, I am still all about staying fresh-faced! So here are a few products I use on a daily basis.

Continue reading “Treating Myself: Skincare”