In My Tack Trunk

In the drawer of my tack trunk I keep the things I use daily for easy access and other small essentials like: All the chia biscuits. I couldn't leave out my favorite biscuits. (These actually live in the feed room, but I snag extra when I leave for competitions) from PureFormEquine.Com I have a coupon [...] (Coupon Code Included!)

Use code EQUINECOUTURE20S for 20% off EC products!!! If there is one brand of breeches that I own more than any other it is Equine Couture, for a few reasons. First, the first time I saw a rider wear them, I thought they were super-expensive with the intricate detail, a European-style fit, and the big [...]

Transitional Weather – Equestrian Style

In the south this end of February to Early April weather is so confusing. You will start the morning bundled in your largest Mountain-Horse Puffer Jacket, and by 4PM it's a t-shirt. I've just learned that this type of weather has a name, "transitional weather." So while Spring styles are coming out, I thought I'd [...]

Riding in College? Feasible? Hustle.

There are usually two major issues the college student who wants to ride may face: time and funding. I'll share a few useful habits and decisions I made while in school. I could really write a novel on balancing work, horses, and a social life. But, here's a few habits you can instill. Take Care [...]

Horse Welfare and Rider Responsibility

I've been wanting to write on this for a quite a while. I feel so, so, passionate towards animal welfare, but I also understand that among different countries, cultures, and necessity the value and treatment of our animals can be quite different. But, even so, I do want to proudly stand for what I believe [...]