Meet Claire Cumbee

My blog was intended to keep friends and family up to date with how I was handling my first months of adult-hood, but it has become one of my cherished journals that I share whatever eccentric adventure I find myself on or the thoughts in my head that deserve to be put to paper, or

I love the South, talking on the phone, and my ponies. Somehow, I have managed to make a career in accounting, pursue graduate school, and ride my horses during these first years post-under-graduate where I finished in Accounting at Auburn University. I am now a new young professional in a new city. With horse and dog in tow, we moved to Atlanta, Georgia August of 2017 to start a completely new adventure.

I shout War Eagle and am raised in a family whose mantra comes straight out of the Plain’s creed, “I believe in work, hard work.”Somewhere between fitting into my many shoes I wear daily, I cherish strong coffee, snuggles with my side-kick Huckle, and the yoga class that meets my schedule’s busy routine.

What is Claire-Cumbee?

This blog originated in the weeks after completing my under-graduate. The following posts portray a trail of growing up the hard way. It is meant to be honest and humble but encourage laughing and embracing your individuality.

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