Organize Your Tack Trunk

From choosing the right trunk, keeping the inside organized, and the most efficient method for cleaning, I’m hoping to culminate all the tips in this blog post. Unless you have a custom, wooden trunk, as an eventer who trailers herself to shows and often shows out of my trailer, I wheel my entire trunk form barn to all of my competitions. Organization is key, as by the last day of competition, digging my last matching glove from the bottom of my trunk is not what I want to spend time doing!

Choosing a trunk

I have the Dewalt, but previous used the Craftsman trunk which I liked better The craftsman top drawer could position on either side and the closures were more user friendly to snap on. However, the Dewalt trunk has been with me for a few years now and shows no sign of wear.

Trunk Organization

This is the tricky part. With a grooming bag, spray bottles, horse boots, and meds keeping your items organized is fairly difficult. But, just like coming home to a clean house, there is little more satisfying than opening an organized trunk. I love using organizers to segment the floor of the trunk. (I also love the trunks above which have a top drawer.) I’m sharing some clear containers below from the Container Store. These are also easy to remove when you need to clean your trunk.

Cleaning Your Trunk

I try to do a deep clean of my trunk before competitions. Particularly if you are storing show apparel/tack, I don’t want the dirt from dirty brushes and oil from spray bottles staining or rubbing off on other things. (An additional reason to invest in the containers above, it helps me keep bottles standing up and if there is a spill it’s contained!) But, I just remove the containers from the bottom of my trunk. Rinse out, I’ll wipe down with a Clean All-Purpose Cleaner like Mrs. Meyers. (Because we’re ony using Clean-Conscious cleaning products now). I do like the Honeysuckle for a little bit of freshness, if you don’t want a fragrance, Puracy is also a clean brand that does an anti-bacterial all-purpose cleaner.


When, I’m packing for a show, it takes me a fraction of the time to pack. Why? Because my whole life is in my trunk. I wish I was joking. I also try to keep my own spray-bottles so I can purchase the larger concentrates, and it always seems like a spray bottle I purchased give’s out. I also found these clear toiletry bags which would be great to keep smalls ends in!

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