JustCBD – Product Review

As a micro-influencer, I’m sent CBD products all the time. Most of the time it comes in little bottles with beakers and you drip a few nasty drops under your tongue every day. I didn’t feel any different or notice improvement in my daily life to ever make them party of my daily life.

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Then, JUSTCBD, asked me to run a campaign for them. They had several flavor options, and I picked a few to try. What arrived were a cute package of tasty gummies, I had to forcefully make myself take only one. You can take one every 6-hours, so I easily consumed 2/day for the next several days. While I went about my day as normal, I did notice that my sleeping routine was immensely improved. While, I normally struggled to sleep through the night or would wake up still exhausted, now I was sleeping through the whole night and waking up without a headache.

I’ll continue to take these JUSTCBD, and I’m excited to try the other flavors.


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