“Cool-Girl” Gift Guide (under $100 gift for the trendy girl whose hard to shop for)

Obviously, I’ referring to myself. I’m cool right? I haven’t been able to pull off the trendy-girl aesthetic yet, but I can help you shop for me. I wanted to pull some gifts the college-grad, niece whose struck out on her own, or any trendy woman in your life who you’re shopping for. For me, I love gifts that add charm to the space I live in, quality over quantity when it comes to apparel, and there’s a few skincare items I’ve seen shared among all of the “influencers” I want to try for myself!

I think small, quality jewelry is an appropriate gift from younger girls to young adults. The stackable rings I pulled from Revolve are so trendy right now, but they’re also not going to go out of style. Small simple jewelry is also a safer bet than purchasing a statement type piece that your recipient won’t like!! (Revolve also has their finger on the pulse of most things style and gifts anyways, so they’re a great review of what’s “in”)

The coffee table book is the most under-rated gift (IMO) I ask for them every year; they are pieces of art. I can elevate my space, and they’re just sophisticated. This may not be appropriate for the teen without her own space yet, but I think these are so lovely. They’re so great if you host for guests to flip through or look pretty on your bedside table.

I pulled a few pieces from LoveShackFancy. Agh, the shop is so pricy, but the cute hand towels and hair wrap are so feminine and pretty. It feels nice to have even the smaller designer pieces you might not buy on your own. The 5-Minute Journal has been on all of the influencer’s stories for the past year, and I listened to Emily Ratajkowski describe her new book. It may not be appropriate for all ages, but I was impressed with her poignant message. The book is a series of essays.

Be careful with skincare and beauty products if you’re not very close to the individual. I pulled a few gifts sets from brands I love with cute packaging! Drunk Elephant is a fan-favorite. The full-size products are so pricy, so these cute sets are really a good deal! I also pulled some designer beauty products. I’ve previous order from Gucci Beauty and the packaging is an experience in itself.

I pulled little apparel, but the white trainers from Tuckernuck along with a few other things. Maybe steering more towards the Preppy Gal, but the tumblers and cute cooler were too cute not to pull!

Lastly, this is a Claire-Ism, but the house plant. Maybe it’s an odd gift, but I love having them around my space. They’re easy to take care of, add oxygen to your space. I’ve also seen Succulents as wedding party gifts, so I’m not the only one!


I included the Delsey luggage for som over $100 options. The luggage is so popular right now, and a great asset to have for years to come!

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