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It wasn’t until last fall in a tack trailer that I realized Cavalor has created a lot of cool products with FEI-friendly ingredients! And now, one of my favorite retailers carries their products! also carries my favorite schooling breeches under $100 and some serious deals when it comes to turnout blankets. But, let’s check out what’s new at

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Cavalor Lurax Cream stimulates wound healing, reduces scarring and accelerates hair regrowth – in its natural colour. Cavalor Lurax Cream also has a soothing effect, making it ideal to treat sunburn.
The new natural formula for CavalorĀ® Dry Feet is based on
prebiotics and probiotics to provide the sole and frog with
good, protective microflora for the active suppression of
pathogens. This product is used worldwide by veterinarians,
farriers, grooms and riders to treat soft areas of the hoof.
Cavalor Switch has been specially developed for horses that are sensitive to seasonally recurring skin irritations, also known as summer eczema or sweet itch. SwItch can also be used in case of skin irritations caused by harsh weather conditions. The spray works on different levels, which is why you can use Cavalor SwItch as both a treatment and a preventative.
CavalorĀ® FreeBute contributes to the maintenance of flexible muscles and joints. It offers the
natural relief that horses sometimes need to enable them to continue to move freely.
Sport horses will only deliver an optimum performance if they feel well. Cavalor FreeBute provides
support for muscles and joints in order to guarantee better flexibility. Relief from pain and
discomfort is the start of many healing and repair processes. Many remedies aimed at achieving this
contain banned substances or can have undesirable side effects. Cavalor FreeBute contains only
natural ingredients that are harmless, even for the stomach, and can offer relief for many commonly
occurring problems.

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