Gift Guide :: Claire’s Wishlist from Corro Shop

After being accepted to the Corro Shop affiliate program a few months ago, I didn’t do much research or browsing to see what products they carried. Then, their marketing team reached out directly to schedule a Zoom call. I did my usual 30-minute prep to see what products this shop carried to find my favorite Cavalor horse care products, the only brand of blankets I purchase for my horse (Weatherbeeta), my Back on Track Wraps, and more products that I used and found useful. Additionally the prices were competitive and the site easy to maneuver. The team was so caring and obviously so passionate about their shop. I’m excited to work with them!

So, MOM, I compiled a list of products that I actually wouldn’t mind seeing under the tree myself. And they ALL come from Corro Shop.

I’ve listed several products from Cavalor. These are all FEI safe and some of my favorite products that I keep in my trunk. They are a little pricier, but I love the ingredients.

And Mom, my horse is a 78″ and girth size is 26″

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