Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supply // My Grooming Bag and Vet Box Upgrade (Coupon Code Included!)

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Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supply originated in 1976 as a shop which sold mostly standardbred equipment and hoped to offer equipment and tack at affordable prices, but since this period the shop has expanded extensively to carry vet supplies, tack, supplements, and apparel across disciplines. Fortunately, their focus on affordable prices remains!

I was thrilled to partner with Big Dee’s and want to share with you guys the products I chose and now love! I finally upgraded my grooming bag, I think I’ve used the same brushes since high-school! Scroll through to see what I found!

I have to be picky about the liniments I use to be legal for FEI competitions. This Ultra Liniment by Sore-No-More is competition legal, and a great brace to use under wraps or as a rinse.

I will either mix a small amount in a bucket to rinse all over, or will apply the liniment directly to legs under wraps!

I’ve been using this cocoa butter more often than I thought! I rub a touch on any cracks or rubs, and the product has safe ingredients! It also smells so good. (I may use it as a hand balm too!)

Perfect balm for hock rubs, spur rubs, or chapped mouths and bit rubs!

This was a new product by Absorbine that I hadn’t used before. But, I saw that the ingredients listed Manuka Honey which has so many anti-microbial properties. (My Pure Form Equine biscuits have the Manuka Honey too!)

This will be my new favorite Vet Cream for small scrapes and cuts.

I have wanted to try this product, Coat Defense, for a while after hearing so many positive reviews! This paste is so easy to use and really works!

You just slide the paste over the rain rot or fungus and leave it on! You don’t have to wash it off, there’s no greasy residue. The next day the paste has dried, and I can easily curry it off.

I have not bought new brushes since high-school, so my horses were due an upgrade. I love the Has brushes. They’re easy to hold, and I got a few of different textures.


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