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Horse Pilot is a French brand that has gotten more than a few things right. Riders are athletes. We are riding in the elements, sweating, and working in different environments. I often feel like my competition clothing misses the mark, that while “pretty” cannot make it past one weekend of competition without visual wear. Horse Pilot uses updated technology to not only make a high-end product, but apparel that is suitable for the working rider.

Show Shirts

DESIGN SHIRT MC // The short-sleeve show shirt gives me West Palm beach show-jumper vibes. I love the dainty peter-pan collar and minimal logo on breast and sleeve. But this show shirt goes further with a really cool Japanese Pleat in the back. This pleat looks conservative tucked in, but provides extra airway and is really functional for those hottest show days. I give 5 stars!

AEROLIGHT Shirt Long sleeve // This shirt was my favorite of the two. I love a fitted long sleeve show shirt with a white collar. This shirt fits like a second skin, and includes ventilation in the front, back, and arms with micro perforations. The shirt is so soft to the touch, and I love the crisp collar and ergonomic cuffs. What is an ergonomic cuff? The cuffs are even designed to give extra room for correct hand position when riding! It’s such a pretty top, but functional for multi-seasonal competitions.


X-BALANCE // I received these breeches in the color white. These breeches like the shirt above felt like a second skin. (Admittedly you may want to wear nude underwear in these!) But, the details on these pants to the stitching, seamless seat, and pre-shaped fit are really incredible elements that I’ haven’t seen in a lot of breeches. These breeches come in several color-options too! The pockets are also deep enough for an iphone!

X-DESIGN // These were my favorite breeches. Honestly, this may be my favorite breeches that I’ve ever worn. For me, while the X-Balance had finer details in the stitching that made a great competition pant, I’m wearing the X-Design breeches multiple days a week to the barn. I feel like these pants are made to allow you to ride multiple horses and withstand some wear. My favorite feature is the waistband, it cuts at a slightly lower rise in the front, with a higher rise in the back. This prevents chafing and pressure on the belly when riding, and better comfort all the way around. I’ve never seen this feature before. I normally am not a fan of jelly-like grippy knee patches, but these are well-placed and prevent chaffing and ample grip.


STORM // (Not Pictured) While not pictured, I’ve been wearing this fitted jacket everywhere. It’s a close fit, but I still have ample room and flexibility while riding. The coat has the same micro perforations as the Aerolight show shirt. and breathable sleeves, so it’s a great coat to release heat but not allow cold weather in. Compared to other similar coats on the market, I think this jacket is the better model. It’s a thinner fit, so I don’t feel weighed down, but I think will still feel warm in the colder months. Expect to see more photos of this coat this fall!

For reference I am 5’4″ and 117lbs. I wore an XS in the shirt and a small in breeches. I’m normally a size 26. I would agree that both tops and pants fit true-to-size.

Where to shop in the United States? // Kaval.Com // EquiLifestyleBoutique

I did follow through with checkout to see if purchasing directly from the site in France was as cost effective. I just checked the X-Design breeches. Shipping totaled to $46 USD, but the final price of the breeches was still approximately $30 USD less than buying from some of the U.S. dealers. So unless you have a coupon code, or additional discount, or need the products in a shorter time frame, check out the manufacturer’s site.

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