Exceptional Equestrian // High-End Equestrian Apparel for the Competition or BackYard Rider

Need some serious retail therapy or want to splurge on yourself or your rider? Exceptional Equestrian carries the highest end equestrian apparel from competition apparel, equestrian decor, and the inbetween. If you are looking for the newest trends, this is the place to shop!

I can help you how with my personal coupon code for 5% off! Just use code: “clairecumbe” and yes, that’s just one “e”

The following items are a bit of a splurge, but every now and then you want to treat yourself. Prices shown are before using my discount code, “clairecumbe” for 5% off. However, I’m not encouraging anyone that these products are the most essential or to spend what your don’t have ( I do actually own the Deniro Salento boots which are incredible. They are perfect if you want to go custom without tipping over $1,000. They last years and years! ) Enjoy drooling!

Equiline Breeches // $379
Deniro Salento ( I own these, well worth the priced. Lasted years !)
Equifit Boots // $125
Miss Samshield // $558 b
Equifit Half Pad // $259
Asmar Sweater // Sale Price $99
For Horses Show Coat // $645

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