Homebody // Upholstered Beds for an Understated, Restful, Bedroom Decor

After months of shopping (typical ClaireCumbee shopping behavior) I finally picked out a bed frame that met my high-standards but low budget!  My apartment has a lot of bohemian elements with rattan living room furniture, but I want my bedroom to include more soft fabrics and feel slightly warmer. I went back and forth between a wooden frame and fully upholstered. But, after decided to go with a softer feel, started reviewing upholstered beds in my budget.

To meet that I really wanted to find an upholstered bed, but I didn’t want he stereotypical brass notches. I just wanted to find a soft and clean upholstered frame, and I wanted to still be able to use my bedspring.  Most platform beds don’t require one, but since I already had one, I wanted to find a frame that the box spring could fit in, without having an awkward height difference between the mattress and headboard. All of the beds I looked at were less than a grand, and my goal was to spend much less than that.

Of the brands I looked at // Pottery Barn currently 20% off all bedroom furniture + $25 back for every $100 you spend on a PB Credit Card // Wayfair offers financing and offers deep discounts // Macy’s 10% off with code: HOME + financing

Check out the frame I purchased below, and a few others that were in the final running.

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