Blending in with the Jones’s. My Horse Show Style on a Budget

When I was in high-school and the first year of college I worked for a high-end barn and was able to travel to shows as their groom/working-student which included the Hamptons and a few weeks in Kentucky. Whether it was my pride or influence from those around me, I may have been to eager to blend in with those “cool” riders around me . Since then, I’m definitely not defining my worth as a person OR rider by what I wear, and I can’t promise that sometimes after an exhausting cross-country run you won’t find me with a huge sorority t-shirt and nike shorts on. But, I have picked up a few hacks for pulling together a stylish equestrian look on a budget.

Entire outfit details posted HERE

Equestrian Apparel:

Off-Brand Sun Shirts: I own a few of the equestrian-brand sun shirts, but I don’t have the budget to own them in ever color. Many will run over $50-$70, but I do love the soft and sheer fabric over that of a cotton polo. I’ve found a few that I like from athletic shops with the same feel and fit, but a quarter of the price. The top pictured above is the DSG Women’s Performance 1/4 Zip Long Sleeve Shirt. They are $14, and I own them in each color. I may go back by and get a few more white ones.

Starter Women’s Long Sleeve Half-Zip Top, Amazon Exclusive // Under $20
These Gymshark tops come in lots of colors and are only $35

Semi-Custom Boots: Once I started making a bit more money, I did save up for a pair of semi-custom boots. Semi-Custom’s are a great splurge purchase that don’t run you into the four figures. My first pair lasted 6 years, and I bought my second pair last November. Essentially they are the stock model of the designer brands. My first pair were the Deniro Salento boots, which are my favorite by far. If you’re riding multiple horses a day, these are my suggestion. Then I purchased the Sergio Grasso Evolution Square Toe boot a few months ago, it’s really stunning and soft. They look custom, but I paid $400+ less.

Breeches: Not many hacks here. I do think the most under-rated breeches under $100 are the Equine Couture, and you can get 30% off with code BetterDays.

Accessories: There is obviously a non-functional part to adding accessories to your ensemble when you’re maneuvering an 800 pound animal. But, I have a few pieces that I never take off, and a few your coach most-likely demands.

Bracelet Stack : Bracelet Stacks are trending even outside of the eventing community, but one of my favorite cool horse girls that I envied in high-school had one that I’m sure cost the same amount as my saddle. It enveloped her cool watch, and ever since I’ve been smitten. The stack I currently wear is made up of a David Yurman Dupes from TheStyledCollection that cost under $30 and a wide-face water-proof watch by Jord. I like the bangles that I can adjust, I definitely don’t want my stack sliding up and down my arm when I ride!! Click photo below to shop the look!

Click HERE to shop stack!

Belts : My hunter coach demanded we tuck our shirts in and wear a belt. I’m definitely not the stickler that I was, but I have a few favorites that have been top sellers by you guys! Sometimes the equestrian brand belts can run close to $100 or more! But, check out some of my favorites below that run under $50. I’m really down with snakeskin, so excuse the overload. (Belt in first photo was under $20!)

Fresh Face: Whether you wear makeup or not, you should be putting some SPF on your face and body when you are outside. I’ll share a few of my favorites below. If I have a spare ten minutes I have a high-SPF foundation that I use specifically for when I’m going to be outside. (I usually won’t be caught without mascara either, but to each their own!) I’m a bit of a skincare junkie, but a bit of moisture in your cheeks is good for your skin and gives you a fresh look! But feeling like I look awake and fresh gives me a bit more confidence to order that Large Ice Coffee while I wait for scores to be posted.

This has SPF 50! It’s a full coverage foundation, but leaves a dewey finish. (I’m “Natural Beige”)
I’m telling you this is my new favorite product, and I put it all over my face every morning. It smells so good, and my face looks so healthy. It’s also $14 // 40 Carrots Eye Gel

I’ll list a few of my beauty products. It’s not always functional or skin-healthy to slather makeup on your face when you’re outside, sweating, and have a million dust particles swarming around your face. I 50/50 depending on ride times will wear my favorite mascara and throw on my bronzer.

I’m also down for a dark red lip for dressage. My current color was something off a free-gift and smothers EVERYWHERE. But play with a lip color! It’s a

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