Mother’s Day Guide

I do not claim to excel on Mother’s Day. I love giving gifts. Each year, I spend hours trying to find the very best gift for my Mom, but then I spend so long shopping I wait until the last minute to make my decision so that I’m rushing to get anything shipped in time. This year, I’ve already taken care of the day, but I thought I would share with you some of my top picks for Mom.

Mom and I on our first and last annual Birthday Beach Trip!

My mom never buys herself anything trending or name-brand, yet goes above and beyond for everyone else. (but I heard you! She’s been name dropping brands this month that her teacher friends where to school.) I usually go with something shiny that sparkles. We share a common love for Kendra Scott, so she’s been my go-to for the past few holidays.

Favorite Brands to Shop Mom:

Historically, I have gone with something a bit shinier for my Mom. As mentioned earlier we share a common love for Kendra Scott, but I’ve included a few options from under $50 to a bit more stunning pieces!

If you’re wanting a cozier route I love anything from Mer Sea & Co. Especially with quarantine that’s forcing us all to be homebodies. These are my top cozy picks!

In the Kitchen!

Or, take the chance to insure Mom does NOT have to cook on HER day! (You can have Brunch catered! Catering isn’t only for the fancy. Go to the grocery story and plan a meal! If you don’t cook, these gourmet meals are at your doorstep!

Swipe below for previous Posts! At the end of the day, our Mother’s deserve the world. I can never send enough love and thank you to my Mom and mother figures. Dollar figures aside, make sure to let your Mother know the love and gratefulness that you have for her this weekend.

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