T3 Shim Half Pad by Toklat // Inspector Gadget of Half Pads

I drove back home this week to pick up Dancer when I realized I’d be camping at my parents’ farm for the foreseeable future during quarantine. As I dropped by my apartment I picked up my package from Toklat. Inside, I found their latest cross-country boots and the T3 Shim Half Pad that I’ve been using this week!

This half-pad encloses three pockets with double shims and a 5mm liner that packs a punch. Or, it actually prevents a punch! The half-pad from the outside is tasteful and clean white quilt pattern with openings in the seams to adjust shims and envelop the liner. The half-pad came with two shims in each pocket. This is so nice, because I can adjust it however I want for a multitude of horses. Then, behind the shims lies the really technology. The T3 lining is really impressive. See the video below. It’s so thin, yetis more competitive in reducing concussion than its peers. The lining also has opening through which allows breathing. Overall, this is probably my favorite half pad to date.

One qualm I have with many half-pads is that it can adjust the integrity of the saddle fit and throw it off balance by either being too fluffy or unbalanced from front to back. Yet, especially for my thoroughbreds, I like having that layer of padding. This half-pad is minimalist with a punch. You can really adjust how you want and still know you are providing enough cushion to prevent concussion on your horse’s back.

The price point is so competitive compared to other half-pads on the market. When I need to purchase additional half-pads, this will be my go-to.

Lastly, it’s machine wash friendly! Just pull out the liner, and you can stick this in the washing machine!

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