Designer Denim // Jealous for Jeans

I’m cooped up in my parent’s home to quarantine and let this blow over. So, in the meantime I have all the wants to do some online shopping. I’ve been watching the Agolde jeans slide through my feed for the past few months after influencer after influencer strutted them off.

I finally did some digging to find out more about these designer jeans, and found they cost about the same as my show-breeches. Ok, so maybe I can’t stock up on multiple pairs, but one won’t hurt right? The jeans normally run right under $200 or about $168 with shorts just over $100. I can’t splurge on multiple pairs, but I support treating yourself, especially to well-made denim that will last for years.

90’s Mid Rise Loose Fit in Snapshot // Retail $168
Jaden Short in Surreal // Retail $128
Parker Vintage Cut Off Short  // Retail $128
Nico High Rise Slim // Retail $168

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