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It’s Day Two at the C^2 residence that I’m working from home, with at least another week and a half to go. We have been shut out of the office “indefinitely.” I’ve actually worked from home on and off for the past year and a half so this isn’t a new format for me. But, getting distracted from your day job and losing productivity is still very easy to do. I’ve listed a few tips to help.

First, get up and start your day. I am so tempted to sleep in as long as I can before grabbing my laptop while in pajamas in the same posture that I slept in. It’s not like anyone is looking at you right? I am so much more productive if I prepare myself to work. That doesn’t necessarily mean full hair and makeup. But, I get up, put on non-pajamas, make breakfast, and do at least my full-morning skin routine before opening my laptop. I gather everything I need, and because I’ve at least walked around a bit I’m fully awake.

Have an itinerary. Depending on your work, prioritizing tasks with your supervisor and steady stream of work may not be apparent. For this reason, I either have a mental calculation or write down in my planner what I plan to do that day. I include a time to get up for another cup of coffee, lunch, maybe a break to go check the mail, etc. Even in a desk job it’s important not to stay stagnant. But, it’s also helpful to have goals on hand to continue working until X:XX time when you can take a walk to the mailbox or grab a snack.

Put the phone away! This is hard for me, because I mostly work off my hotspot. But, in the odd minutes I’m waiting for responses, it is so easy to get distracted and flip through my phone. Before I know it’s I’m five apps in, scrolling through chicken recipes. I’d either suggest giving yourself a 5 minute break later in the morning to look forward to or setting your phone outside of the premise, not within reach.

SNACKS. Have snacks on hand. I can cook, but I don’t cook. I am trying very hard to save money, but it’s s easy to go out and grab lunch. Unless this is part of a break that you need, I advise to have snacks and lunch at home. I want to get all my tasks done and “clock out.” A forty-five minute break to run across town to Chic-FilA is usually more from boredom, than it is from a low-stocked kitchen. (Plus, right now you should be avoiding going out…)

I’ve read that you need a glorified “WFH-Space.” I’ve tried this, and maybe my desk and chair aren’t comfortable enough. But, I get just as much done curled up in my bed. I do have a lot of natural light that flows into my apartment, so my room is bright. But even in my office, I’m usually curled up in a shawl, indian style at my desk with my ear buds in. Maybe not so professional, but it works for me. To each their own. But have a space, whether your bed or a desk, that is comfortable and light.

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