LikeToKnow.It – What is it, and who is it for?

For those that have not noticed my Instagram feed over the past few months, but a small icon now often appears in the right-hand corner of my photos. This icon, for me, is the result of very, very, hard work and researching social-media marketing like it was my full-time job!

Why was this so important to me? I’m not going to deny, but there were two major reasons I yearned to be a Like.To.Know.It influencer. First, as a blogger, I use “affiliate links” in most of my posts, particularly product reviews. These affiliate links reimburse me when an engager purchases a product from entering the link I post. This helps me gain brand collaborations, and keeps the blog running. Access to Like.To.Know.It opens the door to hundreds of brands immediately. So rather, than filling out hundreds of applications, through the LikeToKnow.It app, I now could snag links for any products I wanted.

Then, and this may come off as shallow. But, my blog originated in 2015. I have no background in marketing, design, and have almost no creative talent. But, I’ve felt the blog was my outlet to voice my opinion, and as its grown into a social-media platform, I’ve through trial and error attempted to increase the quality of my content. To be accepted as a LiketoKnow.It influencer, was such a validating moment for me. It meant the brand viewed my page as one with with opportunity for growth and possessed promise! This little ALabama born girl!

I mean how hard is it to be accepted on the platform? I applied three times. Each time I waited for ten days for a response only to be denied. I just dug my heels down, and worked on my content. It is not entirely based on numbers of followers, but the professional quality of content, and the brand’s perception of the blogger’s ability to gain LikeToKnow.It users.

What’s in it for non-influencers? So, the LikeToKnow.It APP is essentially an app to help you make shopping decisions. Most known for influencers sharing their outfit ideas, I actually share outfits, home-decor, skin-care products, and equestrian apparel. So I may scroll through for outfit ideas, or I may search, “Boho Home” and photos within that them will appear. Not only does it provide inspiration, but the exact items and similar items are linked so you know how to find them!

How to shop ClaireCumbee looks? I post all of my photos and content on the app first. So the best way to keep up with my favorite finds which ranges from new styles to sales, is to download the app on your phone. My profile name is just, “ClaireCumbee.” I will then post some of the content throughout Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. But, I’d encourage users to look on the app first, before sizes sell out. Plus, I post more there than the other apps.

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