So I can’t use Horse Shampoo?

So I’ve been routinely requested to share what skincare products, makeup, hair products, etc. I’ve been using on the instagram so I thought I would share a quick glimpse at some of my must-haves. Here’s a glimpse of what goes into to tame my locks!

I have color-treated hair that goes through a lot of heat, a lot of hair-ties, and is probably put up and down several times a day when I get to the barn. It takes some damage. To combat that I try to find a shampoo and conditioner that can restore my hair without leaving it too heavy. I’ve been trying to wash my hair less, and only two to three times a week if possible. So, I keep these products in my shelf 24/7. I will admit that I usually change shampoos every few months. I feel like my hair needs a re-set. As if it gets use to the same products.

Shampoo: Sebastian Dark Oil Lightweight Shampoo

I have just started using this shampoo, and I adore it. My hair is so shiny and soft after I wash it, but I feel like it stays “fresh” for much longer. I love that it includes argan oil and jojaba. I just buy the 8.5 oz, and I don’t have to use much product to wash my medium length hair!

Conditioner: Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 (but see description below!)

So, I only use this a few times a week. I actually, maybe my hairdresser will get on to me. I don’t use a “conditioner” every time I wash my hair. I find my hair get super heavy. But the Olaplex No. 3 brings back all the life. I did snag this product from my hairdresser. This is always one of the first things they use on my hair after it’s been color-treated. I will actually apply this, sleep in it, then wash it out the next morning. You MUST wash it out after using. It doesn’t rinse like a normal conditioner. I believe the directions say you can leave it in for like five-minutes. So, you can always apply first, think deep thoughts in the shower, then wash out.

Product: Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil

I wasn’t sure how to categorize this product, but it’s the only product I use daily. I apply the oil to my hair wet or dry. It actually helps my hair dry faster, and keeps my hair hydrated. At night I apply the oil to my ends, and in the morning my hair feels soft rather than greasy. I’ve found other oils to be hard to use without making my hair too heavy. But, this product adds shine without the weight.

Product: Morraccan Oil Dry Texture Spray

I hopped on the texture spray train last year. I grew up with my Mom’s extra-strong tight hold hair spray, but this isn’t what you want for loose, beachy waves. The texture spray gives just a little bit of hold and some added volume if needed. It does exactly what it says, adds “texture.” I love the smell of the Morraccan Oil products, so keep this one in stock.

Product: Sun Bum Styling Cream

I was about to type, “I love this product,” but I love everything I’m sharing. I don’t even know how I came about purchasing this. I think I picked it up on accident as conditioner. But, I’m so glad I did. I put this through my hair, wet, if I’m going to style it. I can then dry and style however I want, straight or with waves, and I feel like my hair has more volume and manageability without feeling sticky or stiff. (I do not put in if I’m sleeping with my hair wet, or the next morning you’ll have some serious crazy curls.) I don’t just put this in my hair if I’m curling it after though. I like the effect if I’m styling for straight as well.

I have to give a huge thank you to my colorist/hairdresser, Davie (IG: sarcastichairstylist ) at Jamison Shaw in Buckhead, ATL . She is the absolute sweetest. When I moved to Atlanta, the only salon I was familiar with was Jamison Shaw after my Mom would drive two-hours from Alabama when I was little! It’s the only salon I’ve used since moving here. They helped me go blonde, fixed my self-dye sabotage, and keep me updated on how to best maintain my locks!

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