Athletic-Wear (On a Budget)

I would wear leggings every single day. Back-track, I have on leggings at some point, every single day. But, when I’m working out, or at least wanting to throw on some athleisure, I want to be cute but can’t always afford athletic-wear in the triple digits. To my surprise, I found these trendy pieces at Old Navy! These were under $20, and I can vouch as I shot this content a few weeks ago, they’re all great quality that have made it through the wash!

This set may be my favorite. This Sports Bra has adjustable straps and is super comfortable with medium support. (I don’t feel trapped, but supported) These Leggings are the perfect high-waist to tuck in the needed bits but come in fun colors and are super comfortable. (Plus, they’re under $20!)

If you haven’t seen every influencer in the tye-dye sweats, I’m here to tell you. Tye-dye is making a pass this spring. Whether it’s here to stay or go, I snagged this cute sports bra which ran $20. I love the back is mesh, and it would provide full support. (You’re not going anywhere!) For some reason the description says light support, but I feel “more” supported than the option above. Just personal opinion. Several color options. I’m wearing the same Leggings, which also have pockets!!

These joggers. I need to write a whole blog post on joggers. “Joggers” are the cool girls’ sweats. I’m wearing them as I type. They are so comfy, and I feel just a tad more chic since they close at the ankles. Wearing the adjustable razorback sports bra as shown above! This is my “I worked out one time, do I have abs now?” Look.

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