In My Tack Trunk

I have been wanting to write this little post for months. I think it’s a great time as the show season is going to kick off in the next month, and it’s time to make sure you have everything you need! I just did a huge CVS haul to stock up on odds and ends I like to keep on hand. Sharing below my favorite “Person Dupes” for cheaper items you can find at your local drug store and what I can’t live without!

In the drawer of my tack trunk I keep the things I use daily for easy access and other small essentials like:

Roeckel Riding GlovesEar BonnetsEffax Leather BasalmSpongesSpurs – Fleece Covers – Safety Pens – Sharpies – Small Spray Bottle – Pocket Knife

All the chia biscuits. I couldn’t leave out my favorite biscuits. (These actually live in the feed room, but I snag extra when I leave for competitions) from PureFormEquine.Com I have a coupon code: CCR5

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