Best Travel Totes

So, I am obsessed with totes. Specifically totes or travel bags that can carry my riding apparel. It is so hard to find a bag that fits a helmet and/or all the gear that I travel with. I’ve linked below some of my favorite bags on a budget that I’ve been eyeing!

Click on the Images for Links to Products!!

Target // Retail $40 // Only a few left in stock!
Target // Retail $29.99 // Several Color options and Washable!
Amazon // Retail $24.99 // This travel bag is under $35 and comes in so many different colors!
Amazon // Retail $112. 88 // A bit of a pricier option, but personalized to carry helmet and your gear this leather bag still runs under $120
Ariat // Retail $99.95 // This popular ring bag comes in several color options and is useful with several departments for your gear !
Nordstrom // Retail $126.50 // Love that this bag has a monogram option and a seperate shoe compartment!

Ariat (US)

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