(Coupon Code Included!) Top Equestrian Brands

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If there is one brand of breeches that I own more than any other it is Equine Couture, for a few reasons. First, the first time I saw a rider wear them, I thought they were super-expensive with the intricate detail, a European-style fit, and the big belt loops. I just thought they were a trendy pair of breeches I couldn’t afford. So, to my surprise most fits of these breeches are actually under $100! They come in great colors, have a conservative detail and piping, and also come in a great fit.

Did I also mention they are super easy to clean? These are one of my few white breeches that will come clean in the wash. The blend detracts dirt!

BLAKELY BREECHES // Sale Price $89.95// Original Price $99.95// I own the Blakely breech in Charcoal as show. The color is perfect to hide some horse nuzzles and dirt!

NATASHA KNEE PATCH BREECHES // Sale Price $89.95// Original Price $99.95// I also own the color pictured left. At one point I think I owned exclusively grey breeches! The pocket is actually a subtle velveteen . Again, the piping is so subtle.

LILLIE BREECHES // Sale Price $80.95 // Original Price $89.95 // So, I thought I would list a pair that weren’t grey! I actually do not own any of the silicone knee patch breeches, but if you are into this trend this is the best pick! (Last I checked, all sizes were available!)

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