Magee 1866 -Luxury design, Irish heritage, choice for the FEI jog


Magee 1866

So, I am literally doing an Irish Jig to partner with this luxury designer. The Magee 1866 collection are what my FEI jogs are dreamed of. I want to curl up in their cashmere pashmina in front of a large fire and drink a pint of Guinness. This line is so chic and functional and just the epitome of a luxury designer without an outrageous price tag.

Magee 1866

Why Magee 1866? I wanted to partner with a designer that resembled the characteristcs that as a blog and rider I want to embody. The design is sophisticated but warm. (Plus, I want to run down the jogs in style) It felt so fitting to partner with Magee 1866, considering my Irish heritage and knack for riding Irish ponies. This luxury designer, based in Donegal, Ireland was established in 1866, creating handwoven tweeds. The brand is a far-cry from its origins now designing

Magee 1866

Magee was established in 1866 by John Magee, as a small drapers shop in Donegal, Ireland, buying and selling handwoven tweeds. Magee are still designing and weaving luxury fabrics in Donegal – the ever-changing land and seascapes surrounding Donegal inspire colours and designs. In 2015 Magee acquired Robert Noble, a Scottish mill established in 1666. We use the finest of yarns – cashmere, lambswool, alpaca, silk and linen. These fabrics are used for men and women’s apparel and home furnishing. We still maintain a small hand-weaving business – fabrics are a far cry from the coarse tweeds of the 1800’s, today they are woven using luxury yarns, resulting in a beautifully soft handle. In 2013 we launched the Magee accessory collection – luxury products designed and made in Ireland and the UK. Home interiors include throws, candles and cushions. Accessories for men and women – pashminas, scarves and bags. These products are available to buy online or in one of our stores. Every Magee1866 collection, whether fabric, garment or accessory is designed to reflect our distinctive heritage with a contemporary twist.

This caramel pashmina.. My heart is melting. Oh dear. I will be coming out with a full post with my favorites, and what I’ll be choosing to jog down the FEI strip with. (If anyone wants to know what I want for Christmas? This.)

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