Schooling Breeches Under $100

I ran a poll from my Instagram recently, and a majority of the responses told me that for every-day schooling breeches the price preferences were under $100. My schooling breeches are prices similarly. I have a few splurges for competition breeches and some for a clinic, but for the every-day I want a comfortable, light fabric pant, that also fits like a $200 pant. Too much to ask?

Equine Couture Knee Patch Breech

These are by far my favorite. I have several colors. I do only wear the regular knee patch rather than the silicone knee patch. But I like where these pants fit above my waist and have a wide waistline. The fabric is light and nice for summer.

Kerrits Kross Over

These are just under $99, and how lovely is this color!? It has pockets and wide belt loops which I love. I have the Kerrits tights as well, but if you want a thicker breech this is an incredible choice.

B Vertigo

First, these are the “Claire” breech. So, essentially these were made for me. But, really I had so many requests to do a review on B Vertigo breeches, and I found these for under $100. I love the silver piping.

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