Summer Product Review

Summer is in full swing. The bugs are out. The heat index is through the roof. In Georgia, riding between 11AM and 5PM is just miserable. (Yet, I’m going to be pushing those hours when I head for the barn in a moment.) But, I wanted to share a few product reviews that I have been using this summer.

Pyranha Zero-Bite All Natural Fly Spray

I look for a water-based fly spray which is softer on the horse’s coat, but many of them don’t seem that effective. This fly spray actually works. I’ve found it at a good price point, including shipping under $20.

Bigeloil Gel Liniment

I grew up using this liniment, but I’ve only just started using the gel, which I now prefer to use. It’s much easier to apply to a specific area, or I can mix with water for an all-over rinse. Watch you hands! You will almost immediately feel tingling!

Jack’s Ice Boots

I prefer ice boots that require actual ice versus the ones you keep in the freezer. To me, the gel pads just don’t stay cold. My favorite ice boots, are the pocketed boots which don’t require as much ice, but mold well to the leg. I use Jack’s Ice boots after every long conditioning day or jump school. These work well. I hose down the boots, put them on, then I pour in ice. I then fill up the boots with water so that the ice as its melting molds around the leg.

Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Airflow Detach Neck

I purchased this fly sheet for a few reasons, and I haven’t been disappointed. First the price point is just under $100 and it includes the neck attachment which I wanted. The material is just about as light and breathable as you can ask for while still durable enough to last through the summer. It has the shoulder panels which haven’t rubbed. Overall I think it’s a great fly sheet for the price point.

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