Treating Myself: Skincare

I have always taken a serious stance on overall skincare. I had severe acne through high-school that influenced my confidence and social life. Even from that time and during trial and error of prescriptions and lasers, I researched all I could on how nutrition and different ingredients targeted the skin in different ways. Certainly no professional, but now as my skin has a completely different composition than it did ten years ago, I am still all about staying fresh-faced! So here are a few products I use on a daily basis.

For reference my skin is now normal to dry. Sometimes, I get a bit oily in my T-Zones. But, I try to find products that are moisturizing, low on harsh-chemicals, and super hydrating. I’m outside at the barn for a large portion of my week so combatting current sun damage and preventing future is a high priority. I’ve linked each product; so just click the image for more information!


I have shared my love for Mario Badescue products before. (They also are at a nice price point.) But, I started using this cleanser in high-school. I use to love harsher cleansers that gave my skin this tight, bleached feel, but the long-term cause was overly dry and irritated skin. This cleanser has just a soft exfoliant (Seaweed!) so I can still use every day, but my skin just feels fresh and clean after. The seaweed extract is also super-soothing.

The TonyMoly sheet masks are my absolute favorite. Sheet masks are my go-to over more conventional masks. If I have a long-time to get ready this is a before I go out, 20-minute skin wake-up. I just feel like post mask my face just looks bright and healthy. (Tip: Put the mask in the fridge before use. The cold mask will reduce puffiness). They’re $3/mask so I may use once or twice a week.

I hate, hate thick sunscreen. I feel like most sunscreens leave my skin feeling uber-oily, but I know a touch of my foundation which does have SPF isn’t good enough if I’m outside all day. That’s why I love this one which is a gel. I’ve linked the very best price I could find. At Ulta this is about $25, but I found it right under $20.

This is a splurge item, and I am still new to the trend of self-tanners. First, because I am crazy allergic to them. And what’s bizarre, the first night I’m fine, but then, because the self-spray tanners are impossible to wash off by day two or three I’m scratching off my skin. Lovely picture. But, my mother actually got this body blur in her etsy box and didn’t know what to do with it so gave it to me. This stuff is magic and a little goes a very long way. There’s no harsh chemicals and it’s actually a moisturizer. (But do not use heavily!) I mix a touch with my foundation, like pen drop, for a bit more color on my face then use sparingly as needed. It’s a life-saver for tan lines, but it’s also great for your skin! I use the shade Latte. It is a bit of a splurge, but it will last forever.

This product takes a step away from your face but not very far. I can’t write a self-care product review without mentioning Olaplex. I’d seen some high-end fashion bloggers recommend this, but I didn’t purchase the Bond Builder for myself until going back blonde alast summer. My hairdresser forced this product upon me. The price point actually wasn’t too shocking, and I only use once or twice a week. This is not a shampoo or a conditioner. It is a bond builder. So essentially this mega-strengthens your hair. So if you are like me with color-treated hair that gets shoved in a helmet and back into a pony-tail multiple times a day, it’s definitely worth the purchase. My hairdresser said best use is to lather in hair, sleep in it, then wash it out the next morning. My color lasts longer; my hair doesn’t break. It’s so good. I just purchased the Olaplex Shampoo this past time, so I will see if it’s going to become a staple.

To check out a full list of some of my favorite self-care products like the ones above click HERE.

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