My Grooming Bag

Over the years from working-student gigs, over a decade of competing in the hunters to eventing, and now so many grey horses later I’ve accumulated some must have’s in my grooming bag.

Carr & Day & Martin, Horse Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner Spray, 20.3 oz

This conditioner is magic and so great for the coat. We used this daily when I worked in Middleburg.
I like to have a good tail-conditioner. I don’t mind show-sheen which is a quick detangler, but daily use can dry-out the coat, so I like a healthy conditioner that doesn’t cause later breakage. I put this on my Christmas list this year.

Farrier’s Fix Hoof Oil

Hoof Oil wise, this is my fan-favorite. Farrier’s Fix is a great formula for every-day, and I can use right before the horse enter’s the ring! This product can be used on the soles against thrush, and is a great moisturizer that still lets the hoof breathe.

Johnson’s Baby Powder Triple-Pack, Hypoallergenic and Paraben Free, 3 x 22 oz (Packaging May Vary)

So I have two grey ponies, and this is my fail-safe last minute “white touch-up” of course. But, I also like to use baby powder under boots or sweaty regions to prevent rubs. The baby powder can soak up excess moisture. (Hand raised, that I’ve also used as a quick dry shampoo!)

So, there is nothing that will benefit more than quality and daily grooming. Brush wise, I don’t have many expensive or pricey brushes. I keep an average size curry comb, a few hard brushes, and then I have my really fine soft-brush and a fleece mitten. I love my mitten to rub down remaining dust. I think it picks up a touch more dust than your towel or soft brush. I’ve linked one mitt above the , Abetta Fleece Applicator Mitt – Natural .

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