Which Real World Am I living in?

I wrote this draft a year ago. I felt it fitting. Even more now, as I’m opening up my packed schedule to teach a few sporadic lessons again and trying to figure how to achieve my next riding goals..

“I know I have family members that may still follow the click-bait and read a few of my posts, but for the newer readers, while I post entirely of shows and video bits jumping my horses, I’m actually a full-time, 9 to 5 accountant. I actually work at a wealth management firm that does the administration for hedge-funds and private equity accounts. Bored yet? I love it.

Every day, I sit in traffic in my pencil skirt and heels; I take an elevator to the fourteenth flour. I make my coffee in the break room before I spend the next eight hours sending cash through escrow accounts to fund real estate purchases.

At a competition last week, by day two of staying in my hotel and spending the entirety of my day on the competition grounds, I felt at home. I walked my course with a friend, a coach for the weekend, and we chatted about the newest WADA/FEI Scandal, whose horses weren’t actually that scopey, and how our horses were going to read the bending-line at fence four. Suddenly, I was back in the world of working-students, trying to live off nothing to give your horse everything, and the air of competitiveness that each rider has even if  we say we’re only, “in it for the horses.”

All thoughts of hedge-funds, margarita nights  in the city, and elevator rides to plush high-rise offices were forgotten.

As I was driving home on Sunday, I was conflicted. Am I a rider, who spends her free-time from the barn in a cubicle, or am I an accountant who spends her free-time at the barn? I mean, no, I’m not hauling my horses back north to Virginia for the Summer and Fall months, but, I am maxing my credit limit for this dream, scheduling a date around my horse’s day-off, and spending every weekend pursuing something that involves a horse.”

I do like my two different worlds. There is a challenge in that because I think I’ve chosen to partake in both sides, sometimes I feel I’m not making it as far as I’d like on either side. If I could just free up my finances with my horse, I could finally move into the sky rise loft with the marble counter-tops. But maybe if I focused more on just my ponies, I’d have a few more sponsors and a larger network. I am convinced that without the one part of my heart, the other would fall apart. I’m determined to prove that you can make it to the upper-levels with a corporate job.

It is just is kind-of difficult sometimes.

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