Review: Shiva Bridle by Deco Pony

shiva bridleOne bridle that is part of my daily use is the Shiva Bridle by Deco Pony.  I first came across this brand on Instagram as most of my favorite equestrian gear is derived. (You can follow them at @decopony)

Pros: This bridle has three drawing features for me: the anatomical, wide crown piece, style, and price-point. The crown piece is shaped to fit across the horse’s crown without pressure points, and I’ve found my horses go fondly in it. My mare is quite prone to rubs, so extra padding is appreciated.  I also have found that the straight crown piece pinch the sides of her poll, whereas this bridle has a much better fit.

The bridle stands out with it’s wide padded nose-band.  I like the fancy stitching and you have several color options. I have the Havana bridle with navy. The navy isn’t too bright, but just subtle enough if you want a pop of color in a conservative way. There are also other color options if you wanted to stick with just black or brown.

shiva bridle crownThe price point is impressive for a modern bridle with the anatomical brow-band. At under $140, you’re not going to find a better quality for this price. While I’m monthly budgeting my horse’s expenses, I can be grateful for a brand that offers affordable quality.

Improvements: So this bridle does in fact come with reins, which is a bonus. But, I’d prefer entirely rubber reins, and the reins that come along with this bridle only have the rubber stops. So you may want to order separate reins

To review and order this bridle and see other bridles by Deco Pony check out:

Doonhill Dancer tried on the Shiva Bridle. This is a horse size bridle, and Dancer is cob/pony so it was a touch large. The bridle fit perfect my TB’s refined head and would measure a normal horse size. I would order your horse’s normal size.

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