Holiday Gift Guide: Rider in Mind

In honor of the first year of adding a complete horsey addition to the blog, I thought I would start a Holiday Gift Guide with the rider in mind. From large gifts under the tree to stocking-stuffers, these are my top picks for the modern equestrian who desires fit and comfort, usefulness, and a little extra. You’ll find links by clinking the title and/or photo image of the product attached! I’ve published this a little early, but as Black Friday and Sales are approaching, use this as a guide for your hard to gift rider! Comment any of your Holiday Wish List Items below!

hybrid halter
Photo derived from

The Hybrid Leather Halter. 

I first saw these Halters at the Ocala International this April.  The price point is a little bit higher than the average halter if you choose this leather option, but this is the only halter with these components. (The nylon version is much cheaper. I’m probably gifting a few of these to my parents to use with their young horses.)  I love the detail on the leather, and the ability to get an engraved namplate. I’ve only seen these through vendors and in the link above.


forest green breeches
Photo derived from

The Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter LR Breech – Black Forrest from Kaval

I have these breeches in others colors, and I’ll forever love them.  It’s a nice treat for Christmas to splurge on. I love that the dark green offers a bit of twist with a spark of color, while staying pretty conservative. I love this little boutique shop that I’ve linked. They offer a few couture equestrian brands on top of some of your classic, but you’re guaranteed  to find stylish equestrian apparel that’s not on your general catalogs.






Equipad Brushing Boots
Photo derived from

Equipad Brushing Boots.

This is a new brand I found on Instagram that I’ve been following for a few months. With a brush-boot I want a boot that offers protection but is also flexible. These mesh panels offer just that and allow ventilation so the legs don’t hold heat. And did you know you can also get these monogrammed? I shared the navy pair, as I haven’t see many boots offer this color, but I’m eyeing the white boots, and will probably purchase a pair for the ponies for Christmas. The come in white, brown, black and navy.

TuckerTweed Crossbody
Photo derived from

The Camden Crossbody: Signature Collection by Tucker Tweed 

If you have not looked up Tucker Tweed prepare yourself. I have to restrain myself each time this brand posts another bag or piece of luggage. There are currently three collections: Hunter, Dressage, and Signature. Each collection has a different emblem with a variety of bags and luggage to choose from. I’ve shared the cross-body bag here in the Ivory/Chestnut color, but it comes in several other colors like  hunter green/chestnut and rosé.  The brand is super stylish, and  I’d carry this in the city all day.

silveroaksfarm embroidery
Photo derived from

Custom Embroidered Tops by SilverOaksFarm


This is another little online boutique I found on Instagram. First follow SilverOaksFarm on Instagram because her style is so polished. I’m obsessed. But, she also runs her own Etsy shop that sells these adorable Chambray Tops that are hand-embroidered. There are a few slogans that you can choose from or pay a little more for a custom charm. She has a few different shirt options, but the quality is impeccable and a fun splurge for your favorite rider. I’ve linked the actual Etsy shop to buy there, but you can also find the link through her insta: SilverOaksFarm

asmar turtleneck

Clio Bamboo Turtleneck by Noel Asmar

I love this brand. Last season I won this stunning Merino Wool Sweater, and it’s the most lovely, cozy sweater I own. But, I adore this turtleneck, and this brand never disappoints in quality. I also love that this sweater comes with the elbow patches which just add a bit of detail to a chic look I’m eyeing their rider-approved long rain jacket, but I may find this little piece under my tree. I also suggest checking their Sale folder every now and then. You’ll find one or two sweaters in a size left 30/50% off. Also I would say the brand runs a touch large so size down. I’m an XS (at 5’4” for reference)

Stocking Stuffers

tattersall soapTattersall Soap w/ Sea Sponge

This soap smells like a combination of bananas and leather products. This is the perfect stocking-stuffer for your rider who hates grimey tack, and this soap leaves leather super soft without a greasy residue. By far my favorite tack cleaner. You can find this at just about any tack store, it can be found at Dover. However, only a few options actually come with the Tattersall Sea Sponge. This is the best price, linked above that includes the sea sponge. Dover is slightly cheaper, with the Tattersall Sponge sold separate. As a groom, working-student alum this is a must.



Carr & Day & Martin® Canter® Mane & Tail

This is not an ordinary horse-conditioning product. This is another working-student approved grooming product. This is so much better than your show-sheen product which dries out the horse’s tail. (Yes, daily use of Show Sheen is bad for the coat!) However, this product is not only safe and beneficial for the coat, but is the best detangling product for the worst tails.




jackyA Good Coffee Table Book 

A coffee table book is that book that’s a piece of artwork on the outside just as much as it is on the inside. My own style at home is very mono-chromatic of black and whites, but I love to sneak just a bit of my equestrian habit where I can as a subtle distraction. I’ve linked this book which received great reviews, and would be an asset to any library. It’s Sold Out in most common book stores, but if you’re lucky you may find a lovely hard copy of “The Private Passion of Jackie Kennedy Onassis: Portrait of a Rider” by Vicky Moon

ChiaChia Biscuits from Pure Form Equine

These biscuits are a functional food that offer so many health benefits, and feed like a treat. My horses receive their chia daily and because of the impact on gut-health I keep extra on hand to feed before and after long trips, competitions, or any other stressful event. The 45-count at $22.95 is really a great choice and gift to your rider. I’ve linked the Blueberry-Apple Spice biscuit which offers all the value of feeding chia with Blueberries that have very high levels of anti-oxidant  compounds that help rid the body of harmful oxygen-derived free radicals and chlorogenic acid to help lower blood sugar levels. (So if your horse is on a level-of grain, high-sugar diet, these biscuits are also able to balance these levels for safer digestion!) Whew! Merry Christmas ! Get 10% off with code: CCR4

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