Your Worth is Not found in the Skirt Steak

queen.jpg“Another one bites the dust”

“Are you going to write about it?”

“Of course not”

Four days later here I am….

But, really I cannot be the Taylor Swift of blog writing. This little page was meant to share some of my very insignificant thoughts and adventures while keeping family up to date on my horsey travels.

But, I can always combine my sport and every-day life into some lesson right? This week has been a doozie as three best friends called me today for relationship advice. My dear ones, have you not seen my running status?

I NEVER dress up. This year with my child, Huckle, we decided on Cowboy Huckle meet Carrie Bradshaw

That may  be another story when my Best and I finally co-write our own book about all our dates, but what stuck me was whether today- they, and myself, were they really that upset that the next one hit the dust or do you feel that it marks in some way your level of worth by whether you were wanted by that person? One was ending a spell with a beady-eyed character, another sought after someone who doesn’t know they existed, and the third was like most of us unsure of where they stood with the other person and exasperated with tip-toeing around asking them.

I do believe and remind myself to remind my friends whether your pursuits occur or not, your self worth is not validated in those things. When I can remind myself that my worth is found in something much greater and larger than a tall handsome person in roughed up boots and a Barbour vest or even a qualified round at an event, the risk of failing or not attaining what my pea-sized brain initially thought I wanted doesn’t seem that hard to bear. Perhaps, even content, that I didn’t attain those goals, because what my worth is found in also tells me that my purpose is in something much more important and already laid before me.

“For I know the plan I have for you,” declares the Lord…” Jeremiah 29:11

See no fear, hacking out our stud colt bare-back.

When, I’m competing I am never scared of the fences that don’t move or my 1200 lb horse crashing. What makes me sick in my gut? The thought that I may screw it up and show that I’m not a good rider. I see my worth as a rider in how this one round goes. It’s hard for me to take my focus off of that in those minutes before the timer starts. After the fact, I breathe, if I screwed up I pat and ice my horse, and then I make plans for more shows and more training. In the grand scheme of eternity, were those four minutes going to tell me how worthy I was to ride my horse?

By far my favorite destination in Auburn. I will always order their skirt steak and Fried Green Beans with their Butter Milk dipping sauce! Mmmm!


In the grand scheme of things is rejection or failure at anything a true tale of how much self-worth and important you are? In Christ’s eyes you were specifically molded for a purpose. You have a job down here, and while that job may include going to the Hound to order their Skirt Steak medium-rare with a side of Fried Green beans with a fancy boy in a Barbour vest, it is not what you were sent here to do.

“…plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a futute.” Jeremiah 29:11

So then what? I just solved all you misery and now you feel worthy? What are you supposed to do now? You dig deeper into your purpose. You search with all-your heart to complete the goal you were sent on the huge planet to do!


“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13





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