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I’ve got some good jams on, I’ve got a towel on my head, a pizza in the oven. Ready to write. I’ve been so incredibly overwhelmed by life and trying to live it, that writing seems to always fall into the cracks like my socks.

But, I’m convinced, tonight I will get some good words out on the web.


I’ve been considering so many crazy things that are just whipping around my life, and how I can react to them in an appropriate, lady-like, and mature way that won’t ruin any friendships and make all my bosses happy.

So, I’ve always been a type that’s been very critical of my sex. I’m the first to throw a good lady under the bus for being a bit crazy and selfish, and the first to admit that my generation of selfie-takers are mostly shallow and insecure.
Why is it that I find it so easy to reveal the nuances of my fellow women? Even myself. Literally guys, sometimes I’m really weird and act in third person. I’ll throw my own girly ways under the bus as if I didn’t do those actions, my former-female self did. Weird right?

In this current season- I also consider my life in seasons. Like I had the season in Virginia, the season I came back until I graduated, The growing-up Maryland season, and now this self-reflection live as hard as I can season- I’ve made an effort to try and rekindle my familiar family of sisters by other misters and in doing so I’ve learned a lot about myself and even more-so that we ladies need to stick together!

There are so many trials that only we women understand. Even my best guy friends can’t offer the solace of a broken heart or the excitement of doing your makeup just right like my lady friends. It’s funny, (maybe not funny. More Claire thinks its funny)I have never been very vocal about equal women’s rights or the prejudices that we deal with on a day-to-day basis just because we’re women, probably because I thought it served us right. Us, women, being so selfish and selfie-takers. But in this season, I’ve developed the best friendships and seen the most heroic acts by the band of women in my life.

Don’t get me wrong. I certainly don’t want to throw my guy friends under the bus now, and there may be one in particular I would just adore to call me, but you can bet that when he doesn’t I’ve got a group of sisters ready with a bottle of sweet red and stories of their own to make up for it.

I had a really bummed day today. One of my projects I’d screwed up, and had to redo several issues. Some of which I’m dreading looking at tomorrow, because I have no idea how to solve it yet. We’re all really busy trying to finish returns by April 18th, there’s not a lot of time for trial and error. With the wrong friend not returning my call, an unpaid phone bill, and these tax returns this week has not been my shining moment. On the way home, considering what I would write about I remember the mostly frivolous, girly, thing I’ve ever done… and it was brilliant. And probably needed for a time like this.

Back in my growing-up Maryland season, I was so homesick and heartbroke and poor and… I can make a list. I’d cried to the Lord, begging him to rewind back to Freshman year of college. It obviously didn’t happen, but I found joy and a hope from Him instead. I had finally just surrendered all my requests and annoyances to him.

Then, I danced in my underwear. You know that Selena Gomez song, Same Old Love? I danced like a crazy lady, spinning around in circles with Huck belting it as loud as I could in my underwear until I could breathe. It was brilliant and something I’ll probably never live down in my tiny cottage in rural Maryland.

Tonight, I had to give it another go. Though, I swapped it for this tune.


Maybe I relate because like her chipped teeth, I love my over bite. But I don’t have a tat or like whiskey. But, I’m sure she would have said amaretto had is rhymed so I can forgive her.







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