My brother goes on his first date

What is this? Am I supposed to have toned underarms too? What is an underarm?
What is this? Am I supposed to have toned underarms too? What is an underarm?

Tonight would be made with a glass of Sweet Red. Then, I could peacefully sleep and not become concerned over the fact my sixteen year old brother is going on his first official date. Hunter is taking this temptress to the movies….

First,  Sixteen year old boys should not be allowed to date. Second, no good will come of this.

I went out with sixteen year old boys at one time. No good came of it. Actually, I was really awkward and too forward and then really mean, so my parents didn’t have to worry about my mischief, but I know. This date is no good. tumblr_lzgah3yYO41qkxiq9o1_500

You say, “Claire! How can you say that?!” Well, I did. I am unhappy that no one is following his little red four-runner, sitting behind them at the movies, and every now and then yelling for a hand-check.

Hunter is a well-brought up, intelligent young man working two jobs. He drives a cherry red four-runner, and he makes all A’s. He will most likely score at least a 30 on his ACT and be a National Merit Scholar. The lady who eventually finds this stud, must be no less. And, they cannot start dating until Hunter’s junior year of college, because I want to give him enough time to get through med school before settling down.

Goodness, he still has an hour before curfew.

I was reminded of one of my many, erm few, high-school dates. One in particular, the guy was quite crazy about me. You could always tell who was crazy about me by who would drive to my house. I lived thirty minutes away from civilization and you were bound to get lost on the way, so if you drove to my house… that meant you really liked me.

Well, he was only coming to watch a movie at my place, (with my parents home for new-girl-jess-zooey-quotes-7sure) It was a blustery, dark, cold, December evening. “Zorro” knocks on my door, my mother already eager to let him in, opens the door, and before I could grab him says, “Hi “Zorro” my name is Lisa and this is my daughter, Claire.” Then she bows….. No lie. My mother bows and introduced me… I think she was more nervous than me! Obviously, I think he already knew what my name was.

I don’t even remember what movie we watched, actually I do, but I can’t remember the name.

But it gets worse…


As I say bye to “Zorro” and run up the stairs to text the bff… “Boom! Creek!!!Boom!Smush!!!” I run outside to see Zorro, laying on his tail. He’d slipped down our icy steps.

Would you know. He actually came over a second time. And he actually fell again. The second time, I avoided opening the door to see if he was ok… save him the embarrassment. Just watched him with Mom through the window, hobble to his car and drive home.

Oh goodness, I feel so blessed and thankful at the people that have been placed in my life. Sometimes a boy that was a little more than just friends or the best friend who texts me back when I get to work at 6am central time. Looking back, I can see how while some people were placed in my life for just a short time, it taught me something. Sometimes I think God let them come into my life when I needed a boost of confidence or to keep me busy from becoming involved with someone I shouldn’t have instead.

I am in the process of getting ready to move back to Auburn to start a new job this November. As I’m whirling a hundred things in my head to get moved, packed, and in a puppy-friendly, quaint, affordable, with an updated kitchen place to live  I’m reminded:

“A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but a heartache crushed the spirit” Proverbs 15:13

guide smeagolAs of right now, I have no concept of how to talk to boys. So, this sixteen year old girl has one-upp’ed me.

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