The purpose of all of these words.

In the past three months I have graduated with a degree in Accounting, made one post in a failed fashion blog, and bought a puppy. I just moved twelve hours north of Auburn, AL, and I accepted a position with a wonderful team as a working student. Over the next few posts I plan on writing about the thoughts that run through my head and keep family and friends updated with news and happenings in my new home!

I have always kept an extensive journal. I’ve always struggled with normal conversation. While I can chat about horses all day, I have only a few close confidences I can chat with all day. I love writing because it allows me to literally word-vomit, then edit my version so that it’s actually legible to people. Those first journals were filled with extensive monologues of conversations I had with boys I liked and extensive planning on how I was to make it as a professional in the “equestrian/horsey/Olympic rider” industry. Whatever that means, this blog will be none of that, but a description of my life hopefully in a very ‘Claire’ way, maybe even with a bit of clairvoyance…

The goal will to provide some entertainment to readers, enough dialogue for my Mom, and some pictures to this doesn’t look to wordy.


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